I.O.U Flowers

Due to Covid-19 we are receiving limited fresh flower deliveries to our shop.

However we know Birthdays and Anniversary are still happening and need to be celebrated in a big way.

Or you might want to cheer someone up or send…. With Love, Thinking of you, or Thank You flowers!

The great news is you can still do this through our 'IOU flower service'. That way you can ensure a special someone still knows you are thinking of them

How it works:

  1. Choose your beautiful flowers from our selection.
  2. Choose how much you would like to spend.
  3. Fill in the contact details and phone number for who you are sending the flowers to as well as all your details.
  4. Add your message, choose local or a national delivery.
  5. Pay at the payment portal.
  6. We'll send a stunning e-card with a picture of the flowers, your important message and a unique order number (without the value)

We will deliver the flowers as soon as we can. Don't worry, we'll make sure we tell you when we're going to deliver

It's that easy!

Pick your flowers